Old Shelves

by old shelves

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released January 4, 2012



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old shelves Oneonta, New York

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Track Name: Intro
may the devil use these hands of mine to fashion a cudgel for these w's h's and y's
playing connect the dots without any lines is just a scatterplot or happenstance mingling of flies
potential sight of the knife blade is dripping through the cracks in your glass eye, and all the strangers were familiarized anyway
Track Name: kill the cats burn the witches
A thumb tack in the shaking of our hands and I know if you want it you've got it
you've got a mouth like an oil tanker leaking out on an open sea of garlic knots
quit painting pictures in chapter books for an illiterate son
when he's got to know he's got to know, he's got books on tape
when their bodies are cold don't you feel left out
3,000 nazis at home eating sauerkraut
you're safe as long as they've got bread
you're back porch is painted red outlining the discrepancy inside of your own head
I strapped a bomb to city hall to watch piggies fly and piggies fall
And all the words inside my head called in sick to work from their tempurpedic beds
It could be our calling to arms and legs
Our posture was the color of sand
Calling marmalade jelly to it's face is just the price i pay for listening to store brands
This cavalcade runs out of space
you kick your grandma out of the cattle car counting 1 for the time she counted out dimes in the checkout line
her casket was a dollar fifty only if you don't shipping and handling
Track Name: teeth teeth teeth
I don't want you wandering off in your macrame pair of ankle socks
shame on you
an automatic clapping hand machine
it's a tangled puppet string inside my baby sized head
cemented necking with a slingshot
what am I doing
a compliment of broken glass
like a bear trap locking up
for the first time jumping on trampolines
backflip they said
for the first time mother said make your bed
i slipped away
Track Name: Wolf "the dentist" Stanson
take your hands off my mom before I give you head-lice
just because you're a cat doesn't mean you can chase mice
My patience's expiration date was up 5 minutes ago
intruder in the hive
intruder in the circumstances
I tried to be polite
40 winks tick tick
flickering outside 40 lightning flies burning out

call me now for your tarot card reading
Track Name: We're a couple of snakes Judd
I can't be left for too long alone without painting eyes on the furniture